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ZAPms is an Open Source Web Content Management System

ZAPms is free open source web content management system, adapted to the needs of businesses on the Internet.


Integrated Third Party Tools

How it works


The frontend is the web page that gets displayed a visitor. The content and modules are assembled to the web sites based on the templates.

The templates are located in the directory /files/templates and the content is located under the directory /files/content on your web server.

The modules provide the dynamic content available from the database and are located under the directory/modules.

How exactly a web page has to be assembled is described in a menu item. The Menu Manager is used for the configuration of menu item.


The backend is the administrative part of the system and can be opened from Users with have permissions can access the backend.

The backend gives you full access to the file system and the database of your web server.


The menu is a central entity of the website. All categories and folders of your website reference to the menu. The menu item describes how the content appears in the frontend. Also SEO is performed here for each page.

User roles

Each user has the appropriate rights to any module registered in the system at the functional level.

User roles saves one of five states for each module:

Disable - access denied,
View - read mode,
Edit - you can modify existing data,
New - you can modify and create new data,
Delete - full control.


Configuration manager contains the settings for each module registered in the system.

Core Model

dtree - the table contains the elements of the tree structure of the backend system. There are references to the modules that are to be found in the folder /zap/module.

type - the table of types like folder, system or custom module.

config - the configuration for each element of the tree structure. The table is filled by module configuration.

dtree_roles - the table of permissions, the table assigns each elment of tree with each role.

roles - the table of roles.

users_roles - the table assigns the roles with users.

profiles - the user profiles. Contains the search options the user selected during the session.

users - the table of users.

Model Modules

menu - the table describes all web pages. The menu items differ from the type: static, dynamic, module, url.

galery - the table contains references to images and the menu items.

guestbook - the guest book, the messages from the contact form are stored here also.

news - the news.

newsletter - the newsletter.

newsletter_emails - the table contains the e-mails for sending.

newsletter_jobs - the table shows the sending process.

Symbol-Legende Modules


Symbol-Legende Navigation



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